Master Data Management

Add a Task to a Role

The Role (Task) page allows a Designer to add existing tasks to a role.

Each task is performed on a web page designed to collect and validate information required to support the scenarios and business processes to which that role is assigned. The web page is developed at a client’s site and is stored in the Content WebApp.

The pages available for a task are those pages in the Content WebApp set at the Category level in the Default Web App ID field on the Category page.

Before performing this step, add a role and add a task.

To add a task to a role, or to add a role to a scenario, you must configure security to include the position for the role. Refer to Configure Roles in a Position for more information.

This step is required to complete setup for a role. A role must have at least one task assigned.

Refer to Manage Tasks for general information about tasks.

NOTE: One or more different tasks can be added to a role. A particular task can only be added to a role once.

NOTE: If a user assigns a Review task to a Review role, the page that results is dynamic and can be updated. Use this type of assignment when configuring hierarchies for partial request rejection. Refer to Perform a Partial Request Rejection for more information.

To add a task to a role:

  1. Click Master Data Management > Design in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Roles icon for a category.
  3. Click the Tasks icon for a role.
  4. Click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the Role (Task) page

  5. Enter a value in the PRIORITY field.

    NOTE: This value determines the order the task displays on the Role (Task) page.

  6. Select the task name from the TASK ID list box.  

    NOTE: These options are the web pages available from the Stewardship Tier and from the Content WebApp that have been added to the category.

    NOTE: These tasks were added on the Task page. To add a task, click the + icon in the list box. Refer to Add a Task for more information.

    NOTE: Once the task is added to the role, the TYPE field is populated by the Task Type set for the task on the Task page.

  7. Click the READ ONLY check box to enable it if needed.

    NOTE: A task can be set to read only for a role.  Users can view the task’s data but cannot make changes to the data.

  8. Click Save.