Master Data Management

Reject a Request

A Role Processor can reject all records or partially reject a request (a role > task combination) for a Review role.

Before performing this task, a request must have been submitted via the Content WebApp. The request must have passed to the Review role after all dependencies are complete for the Application role and the final Application role (the role with the highest priority) is finished.

Refer to Review a Request Overview for general information about the review process.

When rejecting an entire request, a Reviewer may enter a reject reason for a Review role. The Reviewer may then click Reject for the Review role. At that rejection time, the user assigned to the Application role for the request receives a notification about the rejection depending on how the user and role are configured. That email contains a link to the Request Role page, so that the user can update the request as needed and finish the Application role again.

When a Review role is rejected, the review role is reset. Refer to Reset a Role with a Review Role Type for more information.

NOTE: If the User Response Required on Warnings option is enabled at the Role or Scenario role level, after a user clicks Finish for the role, any validation failures require a user response to continue the process.

This topic contains these sections:

Reject All Records in a Request

To reject all records on a request in MDM:

  1. Select Master Data Management > Requests in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Roles icon for a request.
  3. Click the Tasks icon for a Review role.

    NOTE: The Tasks icon for the Review role is disabled until the Application role(s) with the highest priority is finished.

  4. Click the TASK ID button to review changes entered by the Application role(s).
  5. Click the Reject to Roles icon for the task to review.

    NOTE: The page opens in a Vertical view so that the Role Processor can review the task while working on the rejection.

    NOTE:The Request Role Task page displays all of the Application tasks that are assigned to Application and Display roles in the scenario. Application tasks are the only tasks that display, as these are the only tasks that can be edited.

    NOTE: If the same task is assigned to multiple roles, the Review role can reject a specific role > task combination.

    NOTE: To search for a field in the request and the roles that can access that field, the user can click the Column Search icon. Refer to Search for Scenario Role Task Column Assignments while Reviewing a Request for more information.

  6. Click the Edit icon for a record to reject.

    NOTE: Multiple roles can be assigned to a task and rejected individually.  

    View the field descriptions for the Request Review Task Roles page.

  7. Click the REJECTED check box to enable it.
  8. Enter the reason for the rejection in the REJECT REASON field.

    NOTE: A rejection reason is required when rejecting a role. If you do not enter a rejection reason, when the record is saved, MDM adds a rejection reason of “Rejected By:” and the user ID of the Review role.

    NOTE: If you reject the records in error, click the Clear All Rejections icon in the Page toolbar. The Rejected check box is unchecked and text is cleared from the Rejection Reason field for all records on the page.

  9. Click Save.
  10. Click the Finish Reject icon in the Page toolbar of the Request Role Task page.

    NOTE: The request is not rejected until this icon is clicked.

The Application role is reset. The Finish icon for that role is active and the request must be updated and finished again.

Perform a Partial Request Rejection

Partial request rejection allows the Review role user to reject only the data that is not correct instead of rejecting all of the records in the request. Rejected records are automatically added to a new request in a process called recursive request generation. This new request has:

  • The same scenario ID, business process ID and parent request ID as the finishing request

  • Org Unit values for the new request that match the org unit values of the finishing request

  • The Content WebApp Request and Org Unit tables populated

The rejected records are assigned to the Application role to correct the data entry errors and to submit the request again.


Prior to using this feature, these prerequisites must be met:

  • A Request page must exist. The Request Page Id field must be completed on the Vertical View of the Category page on the General tab.

  • A task must have been created with the Rejected and Rejection Reason columns added to it. Refer to Automatically Generate Tasks to Process Mass Maintenance Requests for more information.

  • On the Content WebApp page for data entry, the Designer must register the business rule webRequest_Submit_ParentRequestRejectedRecordsIns to that page’s Submit event. This stored procedure gathers information about the request, including whether it has a parent request ID. Refer to Create a Stored Procedure Business Rule for more information. The stored procedure can be generated once per category. Refer to Auto-generate Request-related Objects for more information.

    NOTE: As part of automatically creating a task that uses partial request rejection, a stored procedure called webPageDescription_OnValidate_RecurseScenarioFalseUpd is included, where webPageDesctiption is populated from the Description field on the Create New Task From Existing Table and Create New Task From Integrate Template pages. This procedure sets the Rejected flag to false, but only checks for records in the task’s table. If you have multiple tasks with partial record rejection in the same Scenario, then you must modify this procedure to consider records in those other task tables.

Perform the Partial Rejection

To perform a partial request rejection:

  1. Select Requests on the Navigation pane.

  2. Click the Roles icon for a request.

  3. Click the Tasks icon for the Review role.

  4. Click the button for the mass change task to review the data.

  5. Click theEdit icon.
  6. Click the REJECTED check box for each row of data to reject.
  7. Enter a justification for the role rejection in the REJECTION REASON field.
  8. Click theSave button.
  9. Navigate to the Request Role page.
  10. Click Finish Rejection to move the rejected records to a new request to begin the process again, and to move approved records to the Post role.

NOTE: The records that were rejected are entered into a new request with the same parent request ID and the description [Original Request Description] (Rejected Records). The initial role users of the new request are sent a workflow email. The non-rejected records are then carried over for posting as part of the original request.

NOTE: As the Review role, when reviewing the rejected records that are the result of a partial approval, the rejection reason entered on the individual data records does not display. Users can choose to pass on the rejection reason in this case using a custom solution.