Master Data Management

Configure Business Value Parameters

A Designer can set the values that are used to calculate the information displayed on the business value dashboard charts. Refer to View Business Value Dashboard for more information about the dashboard.

Before performing this task, the Designer must set the currency symbol that represents the currency being used by the organization if the currency symbol is other than the default. The designer must also select the calendar to be used for the working hours calculations if the calendar is other than the default dspConduct calendar. Refer to Set Currency Display Label and Set Calendar Used For Business Value Calculations for more information.

To track business value the Designer enters a baseline of the number of working hours that it took to complete a business process manually before the process was automated using MDM. In addition, the Designer enters a baseline cost value for the average per hour of all costs associated with completing the business process, including fixed costs before the process was automated, using MDM. These values are used to calculate business value as follows:

  • Hours Saved = Baseline Hours - Actual Hours for a Request

    NOTE: Actual Hours are calculated as the number of hours between the time the first request role began and the time the last request role was finished based on the calendar (that is set on the Parameters page).

  • Total Hours Saved = Sum of Previous Request Total Hours Saved + Current Request Hours Saved
  • Cost Saved = Average Cost Per Hour * Hours Saved for a Request
  • Total Cost Saved = Sum of Previous Requests Total Dollars Saved + Current Request Dollars Saved.

To configure business value parameters:

  1. Select Master Data Management > Design in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Business Processes icon for the category on the Category page.
  3. Click the Vertical View icon for the business process.
  4. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the Business Process page’s Vertical View

  5. Enter the baseline hours in the Baseline Hours field.

    NOTE: Enter working hours in whole units. Partial hours (decimals) are not allowed.

  6. Enter the average cost per hour in the Average Cost Per Hour field.

    NOTE: Enter the average cost per hour based on the Current Application Currency field. The application currency is set on the Parameters page. Refer to Set Currency Display Label for more information.

  7. Click Save.

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