Master Data Management


To access this page, select Master Data Management > Configuration > Setup > Parameters in the Navigation pane.




Application Name

Displays the name of the component, dspConduct.


Displays current version of MDM.

Server Time Zone

Allows for selection of the time zone of server.


Preceding Weeks Count

Displays the number of prior weeks to display on the count metrics charts.

Refer to View Charts inMDM for more information about dashboards in MDM.

Invalid Characters For View Names

Displays characters that must not be used in SQL view names.

NOTE: Though this field is under the Dashboard heading, it is not related to dashboards.

Business Value Parameters


Displays the type of currency that is displayed for currency fields in MDM business processes. Average Cost Per Hour value on the Business Process page’s Vertical View must be entered based on the currency chosen.

Refer to Set Currency Display Label and Configure Business Value Parameters for more information.

Business Value Calendar

Displays the calendar in Common that is used to calculate the Request Working Hours for the business value dashboard calculations.

Refer to Set Calendar Used For Business Value Calculations for more information.

Navigation Task Type


Navigation Task

Click this icon to control the task types that are used for navigation buttons on the Request Role Task page.

If disabled, Application task types are used for the buttons on the Request Role Task page.

If enabled, Navigation task types are used for the buttons on the Request Role Task page. Navigation tasks are set on the Scenario Role Task page by checking the NAVIGATION TASK check box.

NOTE: Enabling or disabling the Navigation Task type affects the scenario role task column process, available options, request role task creation and how workflows are sent. Ensure you understand the full impact of the change before changing this setting.

NOTE: New installations and upgrades of the Stewardship Tier where no scenarios have been created have the Navigation Task parameter enabled by default. Upgrades that already have scenarios defined have this parameter disabled by default.

Security Jobs

Security Job Queue

Displays the name of the queue in which the security job runs. By default, security jobs run using the General queue. However, administrators can create their own queues with associated services to manage processing as required,

Security Job Threads

Displays the maximum number of MDM-related security jobs that can run in parallel.

The default is 2 parallel jobs and this can be increased in cases where the job queue has a backlog. However, any changes should be carefully monitored as increasing too much could result in conflicts.

Refer to the Knowledge Base article Stewardship Tier 7.4.2 MDM Request Security Changes for more information.

Position Security

Restricted Positions

Unrestricted Positions

Displays a label indicating the type of position security MDM uses.

With Restricted positions, a user can access a request only if that user is assigned to both a role in that request and the business process of that request in the same position.

When using Unrestricted positions, there is no relationship between a business process and a role within a position. If a user has multiple positions they will receive security to all business process-role combinations across all positions, and access to all requests assigned to those roles.

NOTE: Changing this setting triggers the creation of a job to rebuild the request security. This affects the users’ access to active requests, so proceed carefully.

NOTE: New installations of the Stewardship Tier, along with upgrades of the Stewardship Tier that do not yet have positions defined, have the Restricted Positions setting by default. Upgrades of the Stewardship Tier that already have positions defined have Unrestricted Positions setting by default, keeping the same behavior from before the upgrade.

NOTE: To restrict security to this important feature, this button is disabled for users in the User WebApp group.

Workflow Parameters

Workflow Max Aggregate Records

Displays the number of records included in the audit workflow emails. The default value is 200.

Audit Parameters

Audit Detail Files Keep Minutes

Displays the number of minutes the Audit Detail file is kept in the location configured in the MDM_AuditDetails_FilePath data source. (1440 is a day).

Condition Check Logs

Condition Check Log

When set to true, begins logging and displays detailed information about the Condition Check on the Conditions page.