Master Data Management

Set Restricted Position Access

Unrestricted Positions

When using Unrestricted Position access, there is no relationship between a business process and a role within a position. If a user has multiple positions they will receive security to all business process-role combinations across all positions and access to all requests assigned to those roles. Upgrades of the Stewardship Tier that already use positions will have the Unrestricted Positions setting by default.

Restricted Positions

Using Restricted positions tightens security across MDM, as a user can only access a request if that user is assigned to a position with both a role in that request and the business process for that request.

A user with configured security can set the Stewardship Tier to use Restricted positions. The Stewardship Tier uses Restricted positions by default for new installations along with upgrades of the Stewardship Tier that do not yet have any existing positions.

To use Restricted positions:

  1. Select Configuration > Setup > Parameters in the Navigation pane.

  2. Click the Restricted Positions or the Unrestricted Positions icon.

    NOTE: To restrict security to this important feature, this button is disabled for users in the User WebApp group.