Master Data Management

Manage Element Documentation

The Element Documentation page supports the uploading and downloading of documents for elements. Each element page has a link to the Element Documentation page. Elements that allow adding documents are:

  • Business Process
  • Scenario
  • Role
  • Task
  • Scenario Role
  • Scenario Role Task

Only one document can be uploaded at a time. The upload process stores the document in a unique area and provides file properties to the new file. Once the document is uploaded, a Replace File icon is enabled. If an element document already exists, the ability to upload on this page is disabled and the Replace File icon is enabled. Refer to Upload and Download Element Documentation for more information.

NOTE: The Path value of data source DGE_ElementDocument_FilePath is the "root" of the path where all Element Documents are stored on the web server. This data source path value must be populated for documents to be uploaded successfully. This path value should have been populated by the Administrator when MDM was installed.  The complete document path is made up of the value from DGE_ElementDocument_FilePath Path + value of Element + value of ElementID.

Topics covered are: