Master Data Management

Manage Roles

A role is a collection of tasks. Each task is performed on a web page designed to collect and validate information required to support the scenarios and business processes to which that role is assigned. The web page is developed at a client’s site and is stored in the Content WebApp.

Begin designing a business process by adding a role at the category level, then defining a scenario, a set of roles that can be reused by business processes.

Each role is assigned a role type to define how role data within a request can be manipulated. Role types are:

  • Application – Gathers, enters or makes changes to data using pages in the Content WebApp for preparation to send to the system(s) of record.
  • Display – Views data but is unable to make changes. Users assigned to a role with a Display role type are not active participants in the process.
  • Review – Evaluates and reviews data, either approving or rejecting all changes made within the execution of a request. Data can be viewed but not modified. A role with this role type can also review the tasks of their dependent application roles within a scenario.
  • Post – Posts data to a target system after the roles with Application and Review role types have been completed.

One or multiple users can be assigned as role owners. These users receive notifications about events related to the request, including reset and reject messages and SLA late notifications. Refer to Add Role Owners for more information.

To work with roles: