Syniti Connect

Post Data Using Syniti Connect

A Template Administrator can post data to a Target system using a Process post based on a Syniti Connect Template, which uses a Boomi Process when posting data.

When a process is posted with a Syniti Connect Template, Integrate runs the  tx*Int view mapped at the Process – Template – Loop level applying the Where Clause from the process post. The Syniti Connect with parameter values (if applicable) from the tx*Int view runs for each record returned from the Where clause.

Integrate automatically creates a Process post for a Process template with the name Auto Generated Post For [Process Name]. A user can also configure multiple Process posts for a single Process with each Process post record having different post settings.

NOTE: A Process must be active to add or edit a process post.

NOTE: When posting data to a target system, a Template Administrator can register an After Post rule to a process template. The rule runs after the Process template executes successfully and before the next Process template begins processing (if posting with a multi-template Process). When a process template that has an After Post rule registered posts successfully, the data is passed to the next dependent Process template as an input parameter. Refer to Register After Post Rules to a Process Template for more information.

NOTE: When Integrate executes a Boomi process, it passes in the LinkID for the execution, which is used to return a status to the Stewardship Tier once the execution is complete. The user must add any additional parameters required for the process.

To edit a Process post and post data for a Process in Integrate:  

  1. Click Categories in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Processes icon for a category.
  3. Click the Postings icon for a Process.
  4. Click Edit for a process post; the Vertical View displays.

    View the field descriptions for the Process Post page’s Vertical View.

  5. Enter a Where Clause to restrict the data set in the Where Clause field.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click View Primary Loop Data to verify the data for the first loop.

    NOTE: If a where clause was not entered, all records for the primary loop display.

  8. Navigate back to the Vertical View.
  9. Click Post on the Page toolbar; a confirmation message displays.
  10. Click Ok.

    NOTE: If a Where Clause was not entered, all records for the primary loop display. Integrate displays a message listing the number of successful records and failed records for the post.

  11. Click View Messages on the Page toolbar when the post is complete.

    NOTE: Click the Delete Messages button to remove all messages for the post record, if applicable. The Message table is not automatically cleared; it must be manually cleaned out.

    NOTE: If the posting is successful, each record displays with a message “The function call completed successfully’ returned in the MESSAGE column.

    NOTE: If the Process fails, access the Boomi AtomSsphere Process Reporting area for details. Locate the failed posted details using the execution ID which displays in the failed message in the Stewardship Tier.