System Administration

Configure Bulk Execution

Bulk Execution allows a user to validate all records or a subset of those records on a Stewardship Tier page via a simple, guided user experience.

A Page Designer can enable Bulk Execution on a Construction page or a page in a custom WebApp. Refer to Enable Bulk Execution for a Page for more information.

Bulk Execution can also be run via a public WebApp event. Refer to Perform Bulk Execution Via a Public WebApp Event for more information.

The Bulk Execution process only runs for the records that are accessible by the user as determined by that user’s security settings.

If a record is read-only, the record is not included in the Bulk Execution process. When Bulk Execution completes, read-only records display on the Results tab under the label Record was skipped during execution.

This section includes the following topics: