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Create Dashboards and Charts

Syniti Solutions supports the ability to create charts and dashboards to display data. Individual charts of data are created by using the Chart page type. Dashboards are created using the Dashboard page type to create a collection of charts. For example, a dashboard can be configured to display tables as a bar chart and the package types used for downloads as a pie chart. A Combination Chart can be created to combine multiple chart types (pie, column, line, and dotted line) on a single chart page. 3D charts can be created for column and pie charts.

NOTE: The many chart options available for 3D, combination, and regular charts can result in charts that are difficult for a user to interpret. As a best practice when creating chart pages, make sure to review how the data displays with the various options. To make a chart clear and represent the data accurately, adjustments may be required such as splitting a combination chart apart or using a dashboard.

Charts can display numeric data against categorical data, dividing the data into two separate categories. The categories are value columns and category columns. Column properties and category column properties can be added to customize the charts. Pages can be linked to charts, charts to pages and charts can be linked to charts. 

There are several steps required to create a chart page:

  • Create a view in SQL.
  • Register the view as a Chart page Type in Stewardship Tier.
  • Customize the chart page by applying column properties.

All charts in Stewardship Tier are based on a view in the associated database. Views and charting typically follow the pattern of using a category of data and a numeric value. A chart view contains the data to be displayed via the chart page and can reference multiple views and tables.

At least one column in the view must contain a Value field (for X-axis data) and a Category (for Y-axis data) field. There can be more than one Value column and one to two Category columns. If there are two Category columns, there can only be one Value column. 

An extra column can be included in the view, which must be manually added to the Page Columns page where the Control = Category. The Stewardship Tier only supports two column properties where Control = Category. Mark each category control as Primary and Secondary via the Grouping Category field on the Vertical View.

3D charts can be created for column and pie charts.

Use the naming convention webXXXChart, where XXX is a logical name for the chart page.

NOTE:Syniti Solutions is delivered with a series of charts and dashboards. Custom charts are maintained during upgrades to a new version of Syniti Solutions. Modifications made to delivered charts are not supported; any changes made to delivered charts will be lost on upgrade.

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