Application Development

Create Reports

The Stewardship Tier supports rendering a page or collection of pages as a report. A report is a read-only representation of the data. Any Dynamic Stewardship Tier page can be rendered as a report. A single report can contain data from one or more Stewardship Tier pages. Data from a single page can be organized using report groups.

There are two types of reporting:

  • Dynamic Page Reports – A report invoked on any Dynamic page for which the Support Report option has been enabled. A new browser window displays the report. When the user clicks Report on the Page Options drop-down (small gear menu on every page), a report containing the data from the current page is generated. The report honors all drill down and filter criteria. Data in the report is sorted the same way as it is on the page.
  • Report Pages – Report pages accessed when the user clicks Report in the Navigation pane. Report is one of the several page types supported by Stewardship Tier. A report page honors many of the page and column properties that a Dynamic page honors. Reports, however, are read-only. Any properties that apply exclusively to the add or edit modes do not apply to a report.

There are two ways to format reports, depending on how the report needs to be customized:

  • Column Properties – Uses the Report View Type and Control Status to hide fields. Not every field on the Stewardship Tier page may need to display in a report.
  • Report Groups – Used to customize the layout of a report by organizing data into a hierarchy. Use Report Groups to add page breaks and hide empty fields.

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