Application Development

Link to a Page Using Buttons and Images

The Link to Page ID column property allows the user to set the page that opens when an end user clicks a control.

NOTE: The Link to Page setting is available with other control types, such as text box and Date Time. When using the Link to Page setting with control types other than image, button and toolbar, the text in the field displays with an underline. Clicking the link opens the page.

Link to Page can be used to complete the overall navigation of the WebApp. Buttons and images can be added to columns and the Page toolbar to use as page links. Use an existing column in a view, or a count, or a NULL and assign an alias so a Button, Image or Toolbar column property can be added to the page in the Stewardship Tier. Buttons can display text or a counter to indicate the number of records on the linked page. Links also control the display for a Layout page type which displays the parent data in the parent pane and the dependent data in the child pane.

NOTE: It is recommended to implement the page links in column properties prior to building additional page properties. Testing additional properties on pages that have not been linked within the WebApp cannot be performed during implementation, leaving possible errors undiscovered until later.

NOTE: A NULL column with an alias must be added to the underlying view to add a button or an image to a column that does not contain data. The view must be modified before a link from a button can be added.

NOTE: The Stewardship Tier can pass binding criteria to the Linked To page to display data relevant for that selected record. If binding criteria is not specified, the Linked To page binds on like primary keys. If the primary keys are different, the Linked To page displays all records. Refer to Add Binding Criteria when Linking to a Page for more information.

To assign a link from a button on a header page to a detail page:

  1. Access the Page Columns page's Vertical View for the column with the button or image control.
  2. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the Page Columns page

  3. Select the image name from the ImageID list box.
  4. Select the detail page name from Link to Page ID list box.
  5. Click Save.

Toolbar buttons can be added to the Page toolbars. The buttons can be used for page navigation, to link to additional pages or to run a rule.

Refer to Add a Toolbar Button for more information.