View the Dashboard in dspTrack™

The dspTrack™ dashboard provides an overview of the status of projects, plans, and tasks.

NOTE: Charts display data from active plans only. Refer to Activate and Deactivate a Plan for more information.

NOTE: Information about Work List Items is not displayed in the dashboard as Work List Items are not assigned to projects and plans.

The data on the dashboard displays based on a user’s security settings. For example, if a user has access to one plan only the data from that plan is used to populate the dashboard.

The View Data icon to the right of a chart name opens a pane that displays the alternate text descriptions of chart data in a table.

Hover a cursor over each section of a bar to view the field count.

If a chart is 3D, a 3D Controls icon is available to adjust the chart angles.

NOTE: Click a label in a chart’s legend to hide or show that label’s section in the chart.

The following charts display on the dashboard: