What's New in Syniti Solutions 7.0.6

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To facilitate the mapping process, two changes have been made:

  1. The SOURCE DATABASE OBJECT field on the following pages now includes the description along with the table name:
  1. The SOURCE TABLE and the SOURCE FIELD fields on the Field Mappings page now include the descriptions along with their names.

    NOTE:For the name and description fields to display in the format NAME (DESCRIPTION) (for example, ITEM(MATERIAL NUMBER)), a user must define the description fields. In the System Type assigned to the data source, set the description field for the source table on the System Type Tables page, and the description for the source field on the System Type Table Fields page. If a description field is not defined, the Source ID displays the table or field name only.

Data Stewardship Platform (DSP®)


  • To prevent processing backlogs and inefficient DSP usage during the execution of large Collect refreshes, the queue ID can be set at the target, target source or table level. Adding a queue ID prevents processing backlogs. By assigning Collect refresh jobs to different queues, you can distribute the jobs across multiple processing threads that can run in parallel. Refer to Assign a Queue to a Refresh for more information.


  • Previously, Integrate postings did not support the usage of an SAP Message Server. This meant that posting processes could not take advantage of load balancing across available application servers. With this change, users can now use a Message server via Integrate postings and thus make use of load balancing capability. Refer to Establish a Connection to a Target System and Establish a Connection via a Message Server for more information.
  • SAP GUI version 7.4.3 Patch Level 8, 7.5.2 Patch Level 10, and 7.6.1 Patch Level 1 are now supported.

Online Help


A page designer can streamline request processing by allowing users with the Review role to reject requests from inside a Content WebApp page, instead of rejecting them on the Reviewer Workbench in dspConduct. Refer to Reject Requests from a Content WebApp Page for more information.

Resolved Issues


SQL AutoGen

Corrected an issue in SQL AutoGen that prevented rules from being dropped and rebuilt for a target. With the fix, when the user sets the Report AutoGen Level to New Reports, then clicks the Create All Reports button on the Automation page, rules already generated for the target are dropped and rebuilt. [DSP70-578]


An issue occurred where the Task page did not open when users added a button or toolbar that linked a task back to its parent page in order to avoid clicking the browser back button multiple times to return to the parent page. The LinkToPageID function has been fixed so that the Task page no longer gets looped and opens as expected when users add a button or a toolbar to return back to the parent page.[DSP70-684]

Data Stewardship Platform (DSP®)

System Administration

  • CTS components for dspConduct Role Level and Category Role Type event rules are now included. [DSP70-628]

  • Fixed an issue when installing Integrate archives using the CTS process. If records in the archive updated records in the target system, the following fields with a blank value were converted to a NULL value:
    • ProcessTemplateLoop.LoopName
    • ttBAPIField.LoopName
    • ttBDCScreen.LoopName
    • ttBDCScreen.ScreenTitle
    • ttBDCScreenField.LoopName
    • ttBDCScreenField.Fval

With the fix, blank values remain blank when the archive is installed. [DSP70-161]

Known Issue

When viewing fields that are HTML area controls on Vertical views with tabbed layouts, the display of buttons on the tab is left aligned. This occurs if the user clicks Edit on the Vertical View with a tabbed layout, then clicks the tab containing the field that is an HTML area. The External Reference field, which displays on multiple DSP pages, is an example. To correct the display, click the tab containing the HTML area control field before clicking Edit. [DSP-8202]

Enhancement Requests from Users

Online Help

  • On the Data Source Registry page in Common, added this note to the field Web Services URL:

    NOTE: This URL must include the clause: webservices?ver=n.n at the end or the URL will not resolve.

  • Added this note to the Integrate Process page for the View Name list box. and to the Create a Process topic in Integrate:

    NOTE: For a view name to display in this list box, the view created in SQL must be named with a tx prefix and an Int suffix, the default view filter included with Integrate on the Parameters Integrate page in Common. The filter can be updated in the View Name Filter field.

  • In Console, updated the Copy Elements topic, in the section on moving an object, with this additional information.

    NOTE: When an object is moved, the Data Source ID to the Data Source ID of the Wave : Process Area the object is moved to must be updated manually.

    Additionally, steps are provided to update the data source ID.

  • On the Parameters page in System Administration, corrections were made to the Records Per Page field, the Bulk Execution Limit and Bulk Execution Thread Limit fieds on the Page Parameters tab.

WARNING: Customizations made to any component of the delivered Syniti Solutions will be overwritten in the next upgrade. To preserve customizations, make a copy of the customizations prior to applying any upgrade.

A customization is a change to the underlying source code, which differs from configuration – normal setup of the software, such as setting up workflows and defining parameters via the configuration pages.

Previous Versions

NOTE: 6.5.4 and 6.5.5 versions of Syniti Solutions were not released. The immediately prior release to 6.5.6 was version 6.5.3.

NOTE: A 6.4 version of Syniti Solutions was not released. The immediately prior release to 6.5 was version 6.3.1.

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