Master Data Management

Finish a Role with the Post Role Type

Roles with the Post role type send the collected and validated data to the system(s) of record after all dependent Application and Review roles are completed.

A Role Processor uses the Request Role page to finish roles, indicating that the work assigned to that role is complete for the request. Once the user clicks the Finish button, the Final Finish process runs. At this point, the request status is either:

  • Finish Processing - This Request has been posted and is awaiting Finished data download.

NOTE: A request is in this status when a user clicks the Finish button for the Post role but no results have come back to MDM request yet.  Depending on processing time, a user may not see the request in this status. For example, if a CranPort package download processes in a few seconds, the Finish Processing status does not display for the user.

  • Finish Failed - This Request has been posted but the downloading of Finished data failed.
  • Finished - This Request has been posted and the Finished data has downloaded successfully.

Refer to Final Finish Process for a Request for more information.

NOTE: The Post role cannot finish until the request has been posted. The request may be in a request status of Posted, meaning that the request has posted all data without errors. The request may instead be in a request status of Posted with Errors, meaning that at least one posting process has failed.

Before performing this task, a request must have been approved or the Review Role must be set to AutoFinish. Refer to Approve a Request and Auto Finish a Role for more information.

After the Final Finish process, when the Post role is finished:

  • All Integrate processes associated with the scenario have completed.
  • The request status is Finished.
  • A request is automatically created for any dependent scenarios.

NOTE: Dependent scenario requests are created by MDM when dependencies for scenarios within the business process are completed. Dependencies are considered completed even when a scenario exists as a dependency but is not technically part of the business process. Refer to Business Process Execution during Final Finish for more information.

  • The users assigned to the Application role for the dependent scenario’s request receive a notification that work on the newly created request can begin. Refer to Add a Dependent Scenario to a Scenario for more information.

NOTE: A setting can be configured at the Category level to post data automatically after all dependent roles are complete (i.e., the Application role(s) is finished and the Review role has approved the updates.)  In this case, the request process bypasses the Post role, and that role does not need to finish the request. Refer to Create a Category and Auto Post a Request for more information.  

NOTE: For new requests that are automatically created as part of a multi-scenario business process, the Content Request page OnValidate event is automatically executed. The Cransoft UserID 'process' must have access to the Content Request page in order to execute the OnValidate event.

A Role Processor can view the details of finished roles, including the name of the user who finished the role and the date and time the role was finished. Using this information, a Role Processor can follow up with users for additional information, if needed.

NOTE: If multiple users are assigned to the role, only one of those users must finish the role.

NOTE: If the User Response Required on Warnings option is enabled at the Role or Scenario role level, after a user clicks Finish for the role, any validation failures require a user response to continue the process.

To finish a role with the Post role type in MDM:

  1. Click Master Data Management > Requests in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Roles icon for a request.
  3. Click Finish for the Post role.

NOTE: When a user clicks the Finish icon for a Post role, a validation stored procedure runs to check for any post errors. If post errors exist, a warning message displays. This feature ensures a request is not finished with posting errors without the user’s permission.

The system tracks the user ID of the Role Processor and the date and time the role was finished in the FINISHED BY and FINISHED ON fields.

After posting, a Role Processor can review posting messages. If a posting failed, a user can correct any errors based on these message and post the request again.