Integrate the Stewardship Tier with the Knowledge Tier

With the aid of Synit’s REST API, the Stewardship Tier and the Knowledge Tier can be integrated. Integration between these two tiers could be very useful on a project, such as to:

  • Jump start Data Quality. Download Jump Start Rules into the Stewardship Tier and tie the implementation of the rule in Transform to the Knowledge Tier rule.

  • Migration Harvesting. Upload systems, data sets, terms, rules, etc from a migration initiative run on the Stewardship Tier into the Knowledge Tier to seed data governance initiatives moving forward or moving from a migration project to business-as-usual initiatives.

  • Data Catalog Population. Systems and data sets produced on the Stewardship Tier can be ingested into the Knowledge Tier to seed the catalog for Data Governance-based initiatives.

It is assumed that users performing this integration are familiar with the

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