The Construction action is used when mapping a field that has not been defined in the Source system.

Using the Construction action in Map is also called using Enhanced Construction. Refer to Enhanced Construction for more information.

NOTE: If the field group is All (the default field group (*)) and the action is Construction, Map creates the default rule from which to pull values from Construct.

NOTE: A mapping with a Construction action that is assigned to a field in a Field Group other than the default field group (* or “All” ) requires rules to be built manually. Developers need to create a custom table to store the different combinations of field groups for primary table keys and construct data.

To create a field mapping using the Construction action on the Field Mappings page:

  1. Select the field to be mapped.
  2. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the Field Mappings page

  3. Select Construction from the ACTION list box.
  4. Click Save.

    NOTE: The SOURCE TABLE field displays the name of the table to be created in Construct, which begins with “dcs.” The SOURCE FIELD is updated with a field name that corresponds to the Target field.

    NOTE: In the table created in Construct, enter data that this field should contain for each primary key coming from the Source.

  5. Click Submit on the Page toolbar.

    NOTE: The Stewardship Tier creates a page in Construct that is named for the Wave-Source combination. A user does not have to use this page, and can make custom Construct pages if needed. The Stewardship Tier also creates the column in the table corresponding to the SOURCE FIELD and rules.

    NOTE: If the Auto Gen Level on the Automation page's Vertical View is set to Off for the Target, the table and field are not created in the Target database and a page is not created in Construct.

The mapping must be approved by a Developer on the Mapping Approvalspage for documentation purposes and to help track progress of the data migration project. Refer to Mapping Approvals and Assign Developers to a Target or Source for more information.

Once the mapping has been created, the Action, Source Table, Source Field and Default Value fields do not allow updates until one of the following events occurs:

  • The Developer clicks Reject on the Mapping Approval page
  • The Mapper clicks Reset on the Field Mappings page

NOTE: When a user clicks Reset, Mapping By, Submitted By, Created By and Approved By field will be reset to NULL values. The Rejected By field does not update and contains the user ID of the Developer who rejected the mapping on the Mapping Approval page. The Mapper can contact the Developer with any questions.

Once the fields allow update, edit them, then click Save and click Submit. This updated mapping is sent to the Developer for review on the Mapping Approval page.