Data Quality

Opportunity Views

To access this page, select Configuration > Opportunity Views in the Navigation pane.




Displays the name of the database where reports reside.


Displays the name of the active Opportunity View, which contains the full set of possible records that could potentially fail in the associated error report.

NOTE: An Opportunity View is only applicable to Error reports.

The Opportunity View is used in data quality score calculations. When calculating data quality scores on the Your Groups, Your Objects, and Your Applications summary and report pages, error reports without an Opportunity View are not included in the data quality scoring calculations.

The Opportunity View must include all required key fields of the error report and any fields needed for user filters.

NOTE: Only views that follow the naming convention defined in the Default Opportunity Views Filter field on the General tab of the Parameters page display in this field. 


Displays a description of the Opportunity View, detailing what the view represents. 

NOTE: This page does not allow Opportunity Views to be added. Instead, on the Repository Reports page an OnValidate event inserts Opportunity Views assigned to reports into the table behind this page. Users can then manually add a description to an Opportunity View to this field to provide a definition of the scope of data that the Opportunity View represents.

Error Reports

Click to open the Opportunity View Reports page to view a list of all error reports associated with the Opportunity View. 

View Definition

Click to open the Definition page to view the SQL definition of the Opportunity View.