Data Quality

Register Report Repositories

Reports are organized by report repository. Once created in the database and registered in Common, report repositories must then be registered in Data Quality.

To register a report repository (referred to as a data source in Common), refer to Register a Data Source in Common.

To register a report repository in Data Quality:

  1. Select Data Quality > Configuration > Report Repositories in Navigation pane.
  2. Click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the Report Repositories page

  3. Select a report repository from the REPOSITORY list box.

    NOTE: The REPOSITORY list box displays all report repositories (referred to as a data source in Common) registered to the Stewardship Tier instance.

  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Vertical View to enter a cache database, change the report filter, or the opportunity view filter, if applicable.
  6. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the Report Repositories page's Vertical View

  7. Update Report Filter if default value is not applicable.

    NOTE: The default Report Filter value is maintained under Configuration > Parameters.

  8. Enter an Opportunity View Filter.

    NOTE: The recommended value is tv*OptSel. If this value is entered, when configuring reports on the Repository Reports page, only views that follow the naming convention of tv*OptSel are available to choose as an Opportunity View from the list box. If not value is entered, the Default Opportunity View Filter from the Parameters page is used.

  9. Enter a database in Cache Database Name if a separate database is used for all cache tables.

    NOTE: The Cache Database Name allows a cache database to exist for a repository instead of defining multiple cache databases. Reducing the number of cache databases on the SQL Server instance increases performance and alleviates clutter. If a cache database is used, it must be configured before reports are registered to the repository.

  10. Select a threshold ID from the Threshold ID list box.

    NOTE: If no threshold is selected, the threshold ID set on the Parameters page is used in the data quality score status calculation. Refer to Register Data Quality Score Thresholds for more information.

  11. Click Save.