Post Data with a BDC Script

Integrate allows a user to post data to SAP using the results of a Batch Data Communication (BDC) script recorded using the SHDB transaction in SAP which is then imported into Integrate.

NOTE: There are two types of users for script recording and posting to SAP:

  • Dialog user— a type of user that is authorized to log into the SAP front end via the SAP GUI. Dialog users can use Integrate to create BDC and GUI scripts, and post the scripts (both in the foreground and the background) to SAP. The ability to create these scripts and post to SAP is subject to the user’s SAP authorizations, such as their access to SAP transaction codes. Additionally, if their SAP authorizations permit, they can create Integrate templates for RFC-enabled functions and for BAPIs, and can use Collect SAP RFC or BOA RFC package types to perform the extract.
  • Non-dialog user— a type of user that cannot create BDC or GUI scripts, but if their SAP authorizations permit, they can execute BDC or GUI script postings, can call RFC-enabled functions or BAPIs, and can extract data with a Collect RFC. A non-dialog user is not permitted to log into the SAP front end.

A template defines how data is posted into SAP, including which screens and fields will be processed and whether the process contains a single loop or multiple loops. Templates are not tied to data, but rather act as an independent guide for posting that can be assigned to many processes.

NOTE: A BDC Script template can also be created by copying a template. Refer to Copy a Template for more information. Integrate allows the screens in a BDC Script template to be merged with another BDC Script template. Refer to Use BDC Screens in Another BDC Script Template for more information.

A process, a series of posting steps, defines how Integrate takes data from the Stewardship Tier and transfers it to SAP. Each posting step is a template that is added to the process.

Once assigned to a process, the BDC Script template can be further configured to include transaction stringing, template process loops tied to different views that contain the data to post to SAP, and field mappings to a specified field value or a fixed value. Integrate can also map many fields in the template with columns in an assigned view automatically.

After the process is configured and activated, use a process post to send the data to SAP.

>Review the steps in the process.