Master Data Management

Reject Requests from a Content WebApp Page

A page designer can streamline request processing by allowing users with the Review role to reject requests from inside a Content WebApp page, instead of rejecting them on the Request Role Task page in MDM. When configured, the MDM page Request Role Task Review page is accessible directly from the Content WebApp page in the layer normally used for the Vertical View of a record. The review page lists only the Application roles that are assigned to the task the Reviewer is currently in for the selected request.

To add this feature to the Content WebApp:

  1. Determine which task pages in the Content WebApp to add the review feature to. For each of these pages:
  2. Add a Page Column with the Toolbar or a Button control to the page that a reviewer will click to open the Request Role Task Review page in MDM. The toolbar or button column can have any name. Leave the “Link To Page ID” property empty. Refer to Add a Toolbar Button for more information.

    NOTE: If the Content WebApp page is a header detail page, add the button or toolbar to the header page only.

    NOTE: Any page that has the button or toolbar added must have the Task ID column on the Horizontal View.

  3. Open the Content WebApp page(s) in the Stewardship Tier.
  4. To locate the page ID(s) of the Content WebApp page(s), click the Change Settings drop-down list in the upper right on the Site toolbar.
  5. Click Technical Help.
  6. Click the Technical tab.
  7. Copy the GUID for the page in the Page ID field to use in the script below.
  8. Run the following script in the DGE database, updating it with values as indicated:





@Column NVARCHAR(255)

SET @PageID = '<GUID for the Content WebApp page that will contain the link>’

SET @Column = '<Name of Column with the link>’'

EXEC apiRequestTaskRoleReviewColumnLinkUpd @PageID, @Column


This script:

  • Connects the link column with the MDM page Request Role Task Review
  • Runs validations to confirm the page ID and column name added to the script exist

When a request that uses the page is ready for review, the Review role can click the button and access the page to review the request.

Just as when working in the Stewardship Tier, the user must add a rejection reason when rejecting the request.

When a Review role is rejected, the review role is reset. Refer to Reset a Role with a Review Role Type and Reject a Request for more information.

NOTE: The Content WebApp page must be further configured to restrict button display to the Review role only. Configure the button or toolbar link added to the Content WebApp page to access the Request Role Task Review page in the Content WebApp page’s Page Control View or Data Control View to only display for Review roles.