Application Development

Page Design Overview

After designing the database and creating the WebApp, register all pages and assign properties for the WebApp. Once the pages are registered, they are then linked to the Navigation pane, Configuration Menus, or accessed via another WebApp page.

Refer to Page Design Guidelines for general information.

To create pages for a WebApp:

  1. Register the page. Each page type requires a different process.
  2. Assign page properties, if creating a Dynamic page.

    NOTE: Dynamic pages can have page properties assigned to determine page functionality.

  3. Assign column properties.

NOTE: To create pages, users must belong to the Power User or Power Designer WebApp group for the WebApp.

Each page has a page type which sets how information displays to a user and what actions can be taken on a page.

The following sections detail registration for page types.

This section also contains these topics: