Application Development

Assign Column Properties

Column Properties are used to control the behavior of fields on a page. Control items, such as List Boxes, Buttons, Labels, and Images, define how columns work with selected properties.

Refer to Design Pages for general information.

A user must be assigned to the Power User WebApp group for the WebApp to work with column properties for pages in that WebApp.

Column properties are applied to view types, which determine the context in which the control appears as configured. Refer to Use View Types with Column Properties for more information.

In most cases, when adding a column, the View Type of All Views can be used. However, column properties can be applied to other views as needed. For example, a field can be a Combo Box on the Horizontal View, but can be a display-only field on the Vertical View. In this case, set the field as a Combo Box for the View Type of All Views. Add another record for the field and select a View Type of Vertical, and set the CONTROL STATUS to Disabled.

NOTE: Multiple entries for a column can be created, each having a different view type.

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