Target Design

Assign a Source to a Target

In Target Design, a System Administrator can add a Source with a Source type of:  

  • Add Row - A Source database that contains the data from the Source system to be moved to the Target. A Source database name begins with "sdb." A Source’s System Type determines the database schema, or table definitions, for the Source.
  • {Full Construction} - A Source that is manually created using Construct. This option is set by default when a user selects {Full Construction} from the SOURCE DATA SOURCE list box. This option is not available for any other Source data sources.
  • External Source - An Update Row Source that is external to the  system used in the Add Row Source when establishing a relationship.

When a Source is added to a Target and the Source data source is {Full Construction}, the zSource of FullConstruct is automatically added to the zSource page in Construct, and the user does not need to manually enter the zSource. Refer to Set Up zSource and Full Construction for more information.

NOTE: A Source can be added to a Target only if the Target is in a Design Status of In Design.

NOTE: A Utility Target cannot use {Full Construction} as a Source data source.

When a field mapping’s action is set to ManualConstruction, the Source associated with the field is automatically added to the zSource page in Construct, and the user does not need to manually enter the zSource. Refer to Set up  zSources and Enrichment Construction for more information.

When a Source is added to a Target, the Source’s columns are loaded into the Target Source schema for the Source table. A field in the schema may then be locked, preventing it from being reset if a Target Source is reset. If the Source is updated to a new Source for the Target (for example from MARA to MARC), columns from the incorrect Source table (in this case MARA) are removed from the Target Source schema and columns from the correct table (MARC) are loaded. In this case, locked fields in MARA are not removed from the Target Source schema.

Sources with other Source types can be added in Map. Refer to Work with Sources for more information.

To assign a Source to a Target in Target Design:

  1. Select Design in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Targets icon on the Design page.
  3. Click the Sources icon for a Target.
  4. Click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the Target Sources page

  5. Select a Source from the SOURCE DATA SOURCE list box.

    NOTE: These data sources have been registered in Common. Refer to Register a Data Source in Common for more information.

  6. Click the + icon in this field to open the Data Source Registry page to add a data source if necessary.
  7. Select an option in the SOURCE TYPE list box.

    NOTE:Values are:

    • Add Row – The Add Row, or primary, Source for the Target.
    • Full Construction – A Source to be built manually in Construct and that only displays when the Full Construction Source data source is selected.
    • External Source – An Update Row Source that can be in a relationship with an Add Row Source, but uses a different Source system than the Add Row Source.

    NOTE: The options available in this list box depend on the Source data source selected.

  8. Click Save.

NOTE: A Source uses a System Type to store table, column, look-up table and mapping information about the Source that is used throughout the data migration. System Types can be loaded from databases created from a Collect Target download or manually created. Refer to System Types for more information.

NOTE: A Source’s System Type is assigned when the data source is registered in Common. Refer toRegister a Data Source in Commonfor more information.

NOTE: A Source data source can be assigned to only one System Type across all Targets. For example, the Source data source of sdbSAP has been assigned to the System Type SAPLEGACY for the Target ttMARA. If the Target ttMAKT also uses the data source of sdbSAP, it could not use a different System Type such as SAP. The data source sdbSAP must use the System Type SAPLEGACY. Refer to Sync Source Data Source-System Types Across all Targets for more information.

NOTE: Once the Design Status is set to Design Finished or Complete, this source is loaded into Map as Source fields that can be mapped on the Field Mappings page. The Source is also loaded into Transform to be used for rules and reports.

NOTE: Sources can have Developers and Business Contacts assigned. Refer to Add Developers and Business Contacts to a Target or Source for more information.