Data Quality

Getting Started with Running Reports

Data Quality is the analytical component of the Stewardship Tier that facilitates reporting on and maintaining high quality master data. Data Quality is delivered with a set of over 500 reports to help clients report on the quality of their data in SAP and to find errors, inconsistencies and referential integrity issues in master data. In addition, Data Quality supports the ability to add custom reports.

NOTE: SAP is a highly configurable application that is implemented in a unique manner for each client. To allow for the required flexibility, many of the reports are built upon configurable tables that must be maintained in order for the reports to run properly.

To get started with running reports in Data Quality, verify the following steps have been completed.

  1. Set up security to Collect and Data Quality.
  2. Create a database for the source. Refer to SQL Server documentation for detailed information.
  3. Create and register a report repository, which is referred to as a data source in Common, for the database. This step is performed by an Administrator.

  4. Create report view(s) in the database.
  5. Register the Report Repository in Data Quality.
  6. Set up group owners and user filters in Data Quality.