Changes in Previous Versions 8.0 and Later

What's New in Syniti Solutions 8.0.5

Release Date: 09/13/23

This release contains:

New Features

Master Data Management

Stewardship Tier 8.0.5 introduces Remediate: a new component of Syniti Master Data Management that allows data that does not conform to data quality rules enforced by the Syniti Knowledge Platform Data Quality solution to be routed to business users for resolution.

Refer to the Remediate online help for more information about this new component.

NOTE: To use Remediate, a new Stewardship Tier license must be installed. Request a new license by opening a support ticket with Syniti Support.


Master Data Management

  • We improved the user experience on the Mass Change page by adding validation messages when a Primary Key or a Foreign Key field is selected for the Column Name.

  • We increased performance on the Task page, which calls the webTask_ChildPage function that exponentially decreases the page’s performance as more pages are added, specifically pertaining to the Task Page List Updated field. To increase performance, we have removed this field and created a new report, Task Page List May Need To Be Refreshed, which shows the tasks where the page list doesn’t match the actual child pages.

Stewardship Tier

  • The Stewardship Tier is now certified on Windows Server 2022 and MS SQL Server 2022. Syniti will no longer certify against MS SQL Server 2016. Refer to the Stewardship Tier Certification Matrix for further details of the platforms that Syniti certifies against.

  • Version 8.0.5 of the Stewardship Tier supports Syniti Data Replication version 9.8.3.

System Administration

IIS protects against the host header being updated and an error may display. Avoid an issue with host heading information leaking by setting the Host Name on the “Default Web Site” IIS bindings during the installation process. Refer to Configure IIS in the installation manual for more information.


Improved the user experience of Promote workflows by rewriting the Approval Workflow email text to be clearer and more concise.

Resolved Issues

Master Data Management

  • Fixed an issue where assigning the Post or Post Workflow tasks to a Post role and clicking the Refresh Page List icon on the Scenario Role Task page caused an error. [SST-202]

  • Fixed an issue where the Column list box on the Task Final Finish Where Clause page was not working correctly. [SST-148]

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Archived Request Post Process page to display blank for all users not in the ArchiveUser WebApp group. With the fix, the page displays correctly for all users. [SST-56]

  • Fixed an issue on the Request Role page where the order of rules on the Finish event was preventing the Custom Workflow parameters from being included in the workflow message. With this fix, the order of events is correct and working as expected. [SST-222]

Stewardship Tier

Fixed an issue where the scroll bar did not reset to the top of the page when moving between tabs on the same page. The scroll bar now consistently stays at the top of the tab as expected. [SST-57]

System Administration

  • Fixed an issue where the User Application Access Download report was displaying incomplete data. The results were filtered to only records that were assigned via user-specific assignment to WebApp Groups. With this fix, the report shows access grants via user-specific assignment to WebApp Groups and via user assignment to Security Roles. [SST-144]

  • Fixed an issue with images where the file extension on the Images page did not match the file extension seen in File Explorer. With this fix:

    • The file name no longer has to be modified after upload

    • A validation message was added to ensure svg images have Include in Sprite disabled since image sprites do not support svg images

    • High-contrast images are automatically generated for svg images and are automatically applied if the user switches to a high contrast style [SST-163]


Fixed the following issues with the SAPAPPSERVER Connection Type:

  • The delivered catch-all Data Type was missing, which caused the source columns to be ignored.

  • The NewDataLength value for TIMS and DATS records was 0 when it should have been 20. [SST-239]


Fixed an issue where the Field Defined Length on the Table Field (Results) page did not match the value in the database as expected. [SST-81]

Data Quality

Fixed an issue where automated reports set to run yearly sent multiple reports instead of just 1 report. The yearly option now sends 1 report on the selected day as expected. [SST-172]

What's New in Syniti Solutions 8.0.4

Release Date: 6/14/23

This release contains:


Master Data Management

  • When automatically generating tables and tasks, the underlying key ID field has been changed. These fields are now used and required on the tables:

  • To help with potential deadlock issues, the Final Finish process that generates child requests has been updated. Jobs are created to run the On Validate Event on the Content WebApp’s Request page for the child request. This process has been updated to create these jobs with the same Job Group value so that they run serially instead of in parallel.

  • The creation of the Mass Change page components is now being captured in the ttModelLog table.

  • The Vertical View Order field has been removed from the Create Base Table Columns page, as only Horizontal Views can be automatically generated at this time.

  • The Where Clause creation process has been updated as follows:

    • The Mass Change Where Clause page now includes the MassChangeID in the underlying Horizontal view so the drill-down criteria works properly.

    • The generated procedure webRequestMassChange_BuildWhereClauseUpd takes in the MassChangeID as a parameter and then uses it to figure out which ttRequestMassChangeWhereClause records to use to build the Where Clause and which ttRequestMassChange record to update.

    • The Mass Change tables now have the ContentRequestID unique identifier record as a field and have it populated because the ttRequest table in the Content WebApp’s database will have that field as a primary key. The ContentRequestID will help set up a cascading delete when the ttRequest record is deleted during the archiving process.

  • On the Mass Change page, the COLUMN NAME list box has been updated to prevent the selection of boaReserved columns.

  • The Clear All Rejections icon has been added to the Request Review Task Roles page. When a user clicks the icon, the Rejected check box is unchecked and text is cleared from the Rejection Reason field for all records on the Request Review Task Roles page. Use this feature if records have been rejected in error. Refer to Reject All Records in a Request for more information.

  • As part of automatically creating a task that uses partial request rejection, a new stored procedure called webPageDescription_OnValidate_RecurseScenarioFalseUpd is included, where webPageDescription is populated from the Description field on the Create New Task From Existing Table and Create New Task From Integrate Template pages. This procedure sets the Rejected flag to false, but only checks for records in the task’s table. If you have multiple tasks with partial record rejection in the same Scenario, then you must modify this procedure to consider records in those other task tables.

  • The tt[TableName]Compare table must have RequestID as part of the table key.

  • On the Create New Task From Integrate Template page, the INTEGRATE TEMPLATE ID list box includes the Integrate category name.

  • Build options have been added to the process of creating tasks for mass change. When automatically generating tables and tasks, users can also:

  • Some stored procedures incorrectly based what they created on the table name when they should have used the NewTaskID and CategoryID. This caused issues with saving tables with duplicate names in different categories.

  • When creating a base table from an Integrate template, the boaReserved columns (Added On, Added By, etc,) are added automatically. Refer to Create a Task for Mass Maintenance Based on an Integrate BDC Script Template for more information.

  • The fields on the Category page’s Vertical View have been updated to use the words Mass Change instead of Mass Update.

  • When creating a task from a table or an Integrate template, users can now update the VERTICAL VIEW ORDER and the HORIZONTAL VIEW ORDER on the Create Base Table Columns page.

  • The Create Base Table Columns page did not have an assigned OnValidate event, which meant that the Status icon did not work properly. The event has been added to the page, and a validation now runs when a user clicks the Status icon.

  • The apiRoleEdit function has been updated to return a 0 instead of a NULL when the Role and Task input parameters fail to return a result.

  • These columns are now restricted from mass change, and are not available for selection in the Column Name list box on the Mass Change page:

    • RequestID

    • ZCounter

    • ContentRequestID

    • boaStatus

    • AlreadyInSAP

    • PostError

    • PostMessage

    • Rejected

    • RejectionReason

    • ValidationErrorMessage

  • Three new table-valued functions have been added to the DGE database to help with performance issues with existing, delivered API functions. The Stewardship Tier is not delivered with any features that use these functions on installation. Content WebApp designers can use them when creating Content WebApp pages or when resolving page performance issues.

    Two table-valued functions are parallel existing scalar functions:

    • apiRoleEdit_TVF.sql

    • apiSecurityScenarioEdit_TVF

      This single function is a common combination of functions used to determine record editability:

    • apiScenarioRoleUserEdit_TVF.sql

      The general method for using these table-valued functions in a view is to CROSS APPLY or OUTER APPLY them in the view definition. For example:

      SELECT table.<column1>
      ,SRU.sruEdit AS <alias_name>
      FROM <table_expression> as table
      CROSS APPLY DGE.dbo.apiScenarioRoleUserEdit_TVF(<RequestID>, 
      <ScenarioID>, <RoleID>, <TaskID>, <UserID>, <AtExists>) as SRU

Stewardship Tier

  • When downloading the data on a page to a file using the Download option on the More Actions (small gear) menu, the default format has been updated from XLS to XSLX.

  • Setting a column on a page to Soft Required on the Page Columns page now adds a validation to the OnValidate event for that page. The message that displays when a user leaves a field blank that has been set as soft required has also been updated. This validation is now an Error message of “FieldX should have a value,” where FieldX is the translated field name, if there is a translation at the time the field is set to soft required. Validations created prior to this release from this process are not changed.

  • To avoid issues with license expiration, the expiration date for the version of Syniti Data Replication installed with the Stewardship Tier is now set to 10/15/2031.


Once a package group has been sent for approval, changes cannot be made nor can packages be compared; the only option is to transport the package. With this change, users can now:

Resolved Issues

Stewardship Tier

Fixed an issue with the Recompile Objects functionality, accessed in System Administration on the Data Sources page. If users had created any table-valued functions in a database registered as a data source, the Recompile Objects process did not complete and displayed a Compile error. Now, the Recompile Object event properly handles table-valued functions. [SST-82]


Fixed issues with Integrate caused by simultaneous postings with processes that used the same BAPI template. One of the postings completed while the other did not. The issue was observed in Master Data Management, when multiple requests for the same scenario were simultaneously completed when AutoPost was set on the scenario’s Post role. With debugging enabled, one of the following errors would occur from this resource conflict:

  • [CranSoft.DSP.Integrate.PostAdapter] The given key was not present in the dictionary.

  • [CranSoft.DSP.Integrate.PostAdapter] An item with the same key has already been added.

Now, simultaneous BAPI posting with processes that use the same template do not fail from a resource conflict. [SST-150]

Master Data Management

  • When generating a task based on an existing table, the only field that was ever assigned as a key field was the ID field, even though the tables had other key fields. With the fix, the key fields are captured correctly by this process. [SST-97]

  • Fixed an issue that caused Reset workflow notifications to be incorrectly sent to users with Read Only roles. With the fix, Reset notifications are no longer sent to these users. [SST-60]

  • Fixed an issue that occurred during the request review process. If a Review role rejected the request but did not complete the Reason field, a validation did not display. The Reason field is now required when rejecting a request, and a message displays if the user attempts to save without completing the field. [SST-59]

  • Fixed an issue that occurred if a user entered a single quote as part of an update in a record entered on the Mass Change page. This type of change was not updated when the record was processed. With the fix, creating a new Mass Change page for a Content WebApp includes the SQL objects that can properly handle single quote marks in the update value. Mass Change pages that were created prior to this version are not updated. [SST-193]

  • The boaStatus column must be added to any table that is used to create a task. If you attempt to create a task based on a table that does not contain this column, it is added automatically. [SST-203]

Known Issues


Promote does not support the comparison of tables that contain columns with different collations. As a result, the logic that serializes the record that needs to be transported to the destination server fails. If a comparison is run, the error displays in the Job Queue in System Admin, not the Debug Log in Promote.

The workaround for this issue is to alter the source table so that all columns are case sensitive and once the data has been transported, revert back the columns that aren’t supposed to be case sensitive.

What's New in Syniti Solutions 8.0.3

Release Date: 3/8/23

This release contains:


Master Data Management

  • The Mass Change feature has been added to MDM, which permits users to update records based on a field and a value on the data entry page using an update statement formed from the settings on the Mass Change page. This page allows users to make mass changes to data on the data entry pages quickly, accurately and without having to move the data out of the Stewardship Tier. Refer to Mass Change Data in MDM for more information.

  • Users can now quickly and easily create tasks and their associated tables, views and pages based on an Integrate BDC Script template or a manually built table for use with mass change scenarios. Refer to Automatically Generate Tasks to Process Mass Maintenance Requests for more information.

  • Users can now add a Rejected and a Rejection Reason column to tasks (pages) for use with partial request rejection. Partial request rejections allows the Review role user to reject only the data that is not correct instead of rejecting all of the records in the request. Refer to Perform a Partial Request Rejection for more information.

  • Users can now add the BDC posting batch size parameter within the Category Process page to limit the batch size during BDC uploads.

  • Scenario types for Mass Maintenance scenarios have been added. Values are:

    • MassBusExtend

    • MassChange

    • MassCreate

    • MassOrgExtend

    Refer to Add a Scenario for more information.

  • Users may now reset a request to In Process on the Request Role page once the status shows as either Posted or Posted with Errors.

  • While processing the validations on the Request Role page, the error messages that are displayed to the user are now captured in a field of the underlying table. If that table is used for multiple pages under a task in the same role, users may see error messages from pages other than the page on which they are viewing the records. If that table is used for multiple tasks in different roles, then only the errors from the last run of the validation process are provided.

  • The Metrics button on the Vertical View of the Scenario page and Business Process page has been updated to include current or all requests made for the scenario or business process based on the chart slice selected.

  • A new parameter, Use Comparison Approval Page, has been added to the Vertical View of the Category page that compares former and new field values. During the auto-generation of objects for a new task, two additional tasks are created (Review and Compare). Each task provides a report of findings. Refer to Use Comparison Approvals in MDM for more information.

Resolved Issues

Stewardship Tier


Resolved an issue where the SAP Data Services Build Package process for a target table with a key or index was failing during a rebuild if the name of the source exceeded eight characters. This issue was caused by incorrect source connection metadata that truncated some information. The impacted metadata entries have been corrected and the rebuild process now completes as expected. [SST-63]


Fixed an issue for validation on the DataSource Registry page for instances where under certain, rare conditions, leaving the password field blank would not return an error message when testing the connection. The validation now catches this issue so that the user can enter the correct credentials.[SST-1]

Master Data Management

  • An issue occurred involving Post roles in different scenarios where some roles were set to Auto Post and Auto Finish and others were not. The posting completed the Auto Finish process for that Post role in all scenarios if any scenarios had that role marked as Auto Finish. With the fix, the Auto Finish setting on the Post role for the specific scenario determines if it automatically finishes. [SST-61]

  • Fixed an issue with the Description column on the Review Role Audit Details page where the translations were incorrectly associated with the dspConduct WebApp. With the fix, translations on this page are based on the content page in the Content WebApp where the record was added or changed, instead of the translations associated with the dspConduct WebApp. [SST-27]

  • The Metrics button on the Vertical View of either Category Scenario page or Business Process page has been fixed to include current or all requests made for the scenario or business process based on the chart slice selected. [SST-32]

Help Enhancement Requests From Users

At the bottom of every topic in this help system is a Send feedback about this topic button. Users can click this to submit suggestions for the current help topic. The following enhancements were added to the help for this release:

What's New in Syniti Solutions 8.0.2

Release Date: 1/4/23

This release contains:


Advanced Data Migration

Data Services AutoGen

Due to a security flaw, the BODS AutoGen service has been deprecated.

Stewardship Tier

To improve auditing and allow for stricter compliance, the Stewardship Tier now displays failed login attempts by users when they are working with electronic signature. Users can view all failed attempts or attempts by a specific user. Refer to View Failed LogIn Attempts During Electronic Signature for more information.


Within the Data Source Registry page for SAP Application Server, a validation has been added to warn when the SAP Use Namespace field is unchecked as this configuration is not expected since the Stewardship Tier does not currently support NonNamespace for the SAP functions.

Syniti Data Replication

This version of the Stewardship Tier is compatible with Syniti Data Replication 9.8.2.

Resolved Issues

Stewardship Tier


  • Resolved an issue within Collect for the Advanced View Builder page where the job’s resulting debug log was revealing the database connection string. With the fix, the debug logs no longer provide the database connection strings as expected. [SST-4]

  • When building SSIS packages in Collect for MS-SQL Server 19 as a target or source database, sometimes an error similar to: “Exception from HRESULT: 0xC0048021 at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.Wrapper.CManagedComponentWrapperClass.ProvideComponentProperties()” displayed. The issue has been fixed, and the SSIS package now builds as expected.

    NOTE: As part of resolving this issue, it was discovered that if you are using the Oracle data source connection type, it requires the Unmanaged Oracle Client Drivers, which Oracle only supplies up to version 12c. Use the Oracle data source connection type If you need to connect to an older Oracle system. If you are using a later version of the Oracle Client Tools, use ODBC or OleDB as the connection type. [SST-2]

Master Data Management

Fixed an issue in the Vertical View on the Data Sources page where the Command Timeout value was being overwritten by the Connection Timeout value when a user updated a value in the CranberryConfigurator. Also, encrypted passwords were being ignored and therefore displayed. The fix stores the values for Connection and Command Timeouts as entered, and passwords remain encrypted as expected. [SST-5]

What's New in Syniti Solutions 8.0.1

Release Date: 10/24/2022

This release contains:


Master Data Management

  • The Copy Scenario Role Task Column page now includes the field Skip Inactive Tasks, which when checked skips copying data from inactive tasks and to inactive tasks. When Target tasks are marked as inactive a warning message appears rather than an error message because there could be valid reasons for having inactive tasks.

  • When a user clicks the Notify icon within the Request Role User page for Requests the information message now reads as “This will send an email notification to the highlighted Request Role User.”

  • Using the Quick Finish check box on the Scenario (Roles) page’s Vertical View, users can configure a scenario role to skip the Finish event if the request role’s conditions are not met. This is a reintroduction of the behavior that existed before 7.5.1 of how roles finished if their conditions were not met. Refer to Set a Scenario Role to Skip the Finish Event for more information.

  • Added the Notify event to the Category Workflow Language Message page, which allows users to update the subject, body and email address of ad hoc notifications. Refer to Send Ad Hoc Notifications to Request Role Users of Request Readiness for more information.

  • When generating control tables for scenario roles, the Stewardship Tier now creates tables for inactive tasks. When a user clicks the Create Control Table button or the Update Control Data button on the Scenario Role Task page, a control table is built for all tasks, whether active or inactive in the scenario role.

    As part of this process:

    • All scenario role task column entries for all scenarios that use the same task have their column list updated to the latest set of columns for pages under that task.

    • Columns that were added to a page under the task are added to every scenario role that has that task.

    • Columns that were removed from the page are removed from every scenario role that has that task, regardless of whether or not that task is marked as Inactive in any scenario role.

Resolved Issues

Stewardship Tier


Fixed an issue where a Template created using a BAPI was failing due to BAPI download tables having incompatible data type / lengths compared to SAP DATS and TIMS data types. This fix increases the field length of SAP data types DATS and TIMS from 8 characters to 10 characters for (DATS) and from 6 characters to 8 characters for (TIMS). [DSP70-737]

Master Data Management

Mailboxes assigned to a position with a Read Only role (as set on the Position Role page) were erroneously receiving Role Ready workflow emails in their mailboxes. Now, if a Read Only role is assigned to a mailbox, the mailbox no longer receives Role Ready workflow emails. [DSP70-2008]

What's New in Syniti Solutions 8.0.0

Release Date: 09/13/22

This release contains:


Stewardship Tier

It is now possible to configure Single Sign On (SSO) for the Stewardship Tier and the Knowledge Platform for a seamless and secure user experience. Refer to Enable Single Sign On for more information.

Master Data Management

To improve auditing of request data, for the Reject and Reset events, the ttRequestRoleLog table now stores the Resetter and Rejecter UserIDs and the date and time when the role was reset or rejected.

Resolved Issues

Advanced Data Migration


Fixed an issue on the Mapping Approval page when a user selected multiple rows and clicked the Approve or Complete icons. Sometimes the event took too long to complete. With the fix, clicking Approve or Complete on the Mapping Approval page with multiple rows selected results in the actions being performed on the selected rows and no timeout in processing. [DSP70-1939]

Stewardship Tier


  • Corrected an issue within theTables page where the Target Source Table Package for Package Types of "SAP Data Services with RFC" was ignoring added Where Clause values during the Data Service Data Flow query. The fix adds the Where Clause to the job build package when it is initially built and applies changes including the Where Clause for existing SAP Data Services jobs. [DSP70-1415]

  • Corrected an issue within the Tables page where the Target Source Table Package for Package Types of 'SAP Data Services' was ignoring added Where Clause updates when packages were rebuilt. The fix rebuilds the package including Where Clause changes. [DSP70-1645]

  • When filtering on the Tables page, if a user selected the Checked or Unchecked option in the Built section, a validation error displayed: “The entered value is not a valid integer.” With the fix, these filters can be used without receiving this error. [DSP70-1972]


Corrected an issue within the Structures - Data Sub Tables page for Collect - Target Source Table where the table columns and the SQL Command details were not included when moving a Collect Target/Source/Table structure to a new system. With the fix, these two sub-tables are included in the promotion. [DSP70-1814]

Master Data Management

Fixed two issues around the notifications sent after the Post event:

  • Duplicate emails were being sent.

  • If the user had selected to receive the notification via email, it was displaying in a notification instead.

With these fixes, one email is sent for each Post event notification using the user’s selected workflow receipt preference. [DSP70-1976]

Known Issues

In Collect, provided two solutions to an issue within Schedule Groups page where a Collect job in the queue for Data Services jobs with other pending jobs produces inaccurate overall processing time.

  • A suggestion is to put all Data Services packages for a Source in a Collect Target Source and then have that Target Source use a separate queue created specifically for the Data Service related collect jobs. Also, make sure that the Service Pages page queue has enough threads so that Services pages are not backed up.

  • An alternate solution is to increase speed for the interval on the Common Data Services Job polling within the Service Pages page to cut down the wait time between when the Data Services job finishes and when the second job is created.